Ghostly Kitchen

The smarter way to boost your restaurant operations.

Ghostly sends you insights on how to improve your day-to-day operations. 


Uncover hidden patterns, discover upselling opportunities and optimize your inventory management flow.


With Ghostly, you spend less time analyzing data on dashboards and more time creating culinary experiences.

A natural, simplified approach to kitchen analytics.

Ghostly makes your data work for you by turning numbers into cost saving opportunities & growth on autopilot.

How does
Ghostly work?

& what does
Ghostly generate?

Predictive Purchase Ordering

Generate your recommended PO based your forecasting sales, previous invoices & stock

Operations forecasting & Production Planning

Anticipate your production and plan our operations by knowing how much to prep

Menu Intelligence & Sales Forecasting

Gain Insights on costings & adjust your pricing during inflation or supply issues

Market Basket Analysis & Menu positioning

Unlock profit potential by optimizing menus, boost upselling, & maximize revenue

Why sign up with Ghostly?

Streamline your Operations

Ghostly provides you with operational transparency across your foodservice establishment. We run the data crunch & forecasting work your behalf so you know much to prep tomorrow or estimate your stock for the week. 

Boost restaurant sales strategically

Maximize profitability and customer satisfaction by leveraging market basket analysis to uncover key associations, drive strategic decision-making, and personalize dining experiences for your patrons.

Stay ahead of your inventory


Keep track of your inventory levels at all times and get low-stock alerts so you can restock before you run out of any ingredients. This will help you avoid under- and overstocking, which can be costly. Having an accurate inventory will also help you keep food costs down.

Run purchasing on Autopilot


Receive recommendations on your purchase orders so you don’t spend too much time analyzing your inventory. Delegate your team members on more important tasks

Create high margin menus


Fine tune your menus by combining your real-time COGS & sales per item with demographic data. Engineer your menu items as revenue generators 

Launch new menus faster

Integrate your virtual brands under one platform to assess performance and profit potential. With Ghostly, you monitor sales, purchases, & brand penetration to grow your establishment quicker. 

And more kitchen benefits to come...